25 March 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Behind the Morning ~ Art by michira_70/Fic by aislinntlc  
This is my first art I created for LJ's glam-reverse-bb.

It got claimed by aislinntlc. Please leave her some love.

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Summary: The last thing Tommy expected when Sauli dragged him over the Scottish countryside, in search of a fairy ring, was to find everything he'd been looking for his whole life.

Fic link: Behind the Morning/LJ
Fic likc: Behind the Morning/DW


 photo grbbicon2michira70_zps8a72efe9.jpg  photo grbbicon3michira70_zps3e25adab.jpg  photo grbbicon1michira70_zps5b39cee3.jpg  photo grbbicon6michira70_zps59a74be7.jpg

 photo grbbicon10michira70_zps2ef71dec.jpg  photo grbbicon9michira70_zps37fb3699.jpg  photo grbbicon8michira70_zpsf33785f9.jpg  photo grbbicon7michira70_zpsd197c8d2.jpg

 photo grbbicon5michira70_zpsff369dcc.jpg  photo grbbicon4michira70_zps21092131.png  photo grbbicon4michira70_zps46e926b3.jpg  photo grbbicon2michira70_zps31e7492a.png


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 photo grbbdivider2michira70_zpsed986e0e.png

 photo grbbdivider2michira70_zpsa24072d8.jpg

 photo grbbdivider1michira70_zpsce03e4dd.jpg

 photo grbbdivider3michira70_zps5b28c8b0.jpg

Disclaimer: The pics I used for the graphics are NOT mine. I found them all over the internet.